Isaiah 60:22

            My husband and I just celebrated thirty-six years of marriage. Before that we were good friends and I worked with him and then for him. Our marriage started in an unconventional way but we both believed God had destined us and put us together to be husband and wife.

            We now have three beautiful grown babies. I believe God gave us each one at just the right time. We only planned one. And now they are having and raising their own families. As I got ready to go help my DIL and son for when they had their third baby, I felt the need to prepare for more. They live two hours away and I would be staying there a few days. My other DIL and son had delivered their second baby just three days before. It was such an elated time, having two granddaughters in three days!   

            At the same time, I knew my daddy was going down fast health wise, but no one thought he would not be around for a while longer. But with this in mind during my preparation, I showed my husband where some of my daddy’s information and suit was just in case and I left. Our second granddaughter was born, and I took care of my grandsons while they were in the hospital. That was Tuesday. Wednesday morning my phone rang, and I heard the words I had not expected. My daddy did not wake up. I was sad but it was also hard to be sad. My emotions were so divided, and I had to be strong for my grandsons.

            I had felt for some time God was moving things in our lives, but I did not know how or to where. And with two granddaughters on the way there was already a lot moving forward. Five days after losing daddy a friend posted a verse on Facebook.

            Isaiah 60:22, “At the right time, I, the Lord, will make it happen.”

            I believe God waited for the babies to be born and then it was His right time. It was time for my daddy to go with Him. I believe my Heavenly Father gave new life to our family in preparation for taking home with Him the old life. I believe God has given me so many things and people in my life at the right time, His time, and I am forever grateful! My list goes on and on. His “making it happen” is so perfect and my making it happen always ends up in a mess, or never what it would have been if I had just waited on God in the first place, and definitely not with the blessing He intended. I think I am finally feeling where God was moving us. And like many times before, it is simply closer to Him.

            What in your life has God done at just the right time?

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  1. One of your best my dear and I believe the Lord was moving all along during this time because for me it is always happens at an unexpected time and like you said, it was HIS time to move and not my time…….what’s for supper?…just kidding …Jim

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