About Carole

I had a wonderful Christian childhood, or so I thought, till I was nine years old when my mom was murdered. She left me very naive of the world outside ours but she left me with the most important, life changing knowledge, the knowledge of Jesus, and His father, God.

I quickly experienced this other world and learned about the sin she had explained to me. My life was thrown into abuse, suffering, sin and the mystery about her murder but I learned to survive! I learned about God! After a life of secrets, when my children were grown, God revealed to me it was time to tell, time to share, so with His guidance I wrote my autobiography.

Due to the sensitive nature and people involved, I chose to publish Unraveled, Time to Tell under a pen name. Included are lots of situations and emotions I found hard to write about but I wrote it with God placing every word in my heart to share with the ones I love and the ones He loves. It has become my tool to speak and witness with others of which I’m thankful and blessed.

Matthew 6:33 was my prayer through this and I pray you place it in your heart also, “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

I have three grown children starting their own families and my hope would be no child has to have their life uprooted like mine was. I will pass on to you the comfort, peace, joy, encouragement, and the motivational grounding God has given me and hope you pass it on too. God revealed Himself and His truths to me about my experiences through His Word. Come share with me the joy of life’s purpose.

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