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Unraveled, Time to Tell is about a life of secrets turned into heart-opening revelations from God and how a questionable death can change life and leave a young girl vulnerable and unwanted. This change leads to many consequences and puts in front of her choices she was unaware of and ashamed of. This girl lived her married life concealing these secrets, even from her own children.

This memoir tells how her life of unhappy, undesired, and unexpected actions after a death could be replaced with joy, peace, and contentment from God through His Word and His revelations.

Her now-grown children heard for the first time her life’s details through this book—her letter to them. Their responses included “wow,” “shocking,” “incredible to have survived,” and “a testimony of God’s redemption.”

Other comments included:

Unraveled, Time to Tell is a book like none other. It transparently captures the horrific events of the author’s life in a way that is inspiring and surprisingly uplifting. It brings hope to all of us who have been through hard times. Most importantly, the book gives a unique perspective on the sovereign plan of God. A true must-read.” Janee’ Hill (speaker, author, television producer/host).

“I always enjoy learning how God has worked in someone’s life. Unraveled, Time to Tell truly blessed me as I read of Jesus’ grace and mercy through the circumstances of the author’s journey. This book is a powerful testimony of God and His redemptive love.” Jayna.

“It made me smile, it made me cry, and it made me see the glory of God! It gives people hope!” Tracee.

“Drop everything and read it, because every single event recorded in the book actually happened and with every chapter into the book it seems more and more unlikely to be possible that all this happened to one person. An incredible captivating life story.” Ryan.

“After I read the book and even during the time I read the book…what came on my heart is God can use any person, in any given situation, at any given time for His purpose.” Joan.

“I’m not a “reader” but I couldn’t put down your book till I finished it! Unimaginable events for someone to live through but yet come out a wonderful Christian lady! No one could survive these events without Jesus giving them strength! She gives God all the Glory!” Tammie.


Beginning with Chapter 1, “The Darkest Day,” you will read of her details and decisions, and hear the descriptions of how God revealed each meaning along with Biblical truths throughout. After all the unraveling, all she was shown, she now has to share.
Jeremiah 20:9

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