I am available for speaking engagements at women’s groups, book clubs, churches and other events, as well as for book signings. Fill out the form below to check for availability! I have no charges except for help with travel expenses if you are at a distance from where I live. But my charges will only be gas and possibly help with housing, and only according to what you can afford. I believe God provides the way!

With engagements all paperback books are sold at a discounted rate of $10.00 each and hardback books at $13.00.

My Experience: 2002-2015 weekly devotions at local Health Care Center; taught Sunday School 2002-present to ages young adult, adult, and older ladies group; Taught preschool age before that; Speaker Spotlight at Lexicon Writers Conference, book signings and other numerous events; Radio and social media interviews; and churches. And I write a column, “An Adage a Day” for the online women’s magazine, “A Bundle of Thyme.”

References and topics;

”The ladies of our church were privileged to have Carole as a guest speaker and we thoroughly enjoyed her uplifting message filled with God’s love,” Samantha, Texoma Cowboy Church.

Topics; “Our Design, As Blueprinted by Jude.” This topic looks at the book of Jude and how we are a perfect design by God for His perfect purpose. This discussion focuses on how to live for God and includes my testimony. It also tells how to know and share your testimony.

The Journey Through Life’s Tunnel from a Children’s Advocate.” This topic looks at our journey through life, it’s darkness, and the light at the end. The everlasting light at the end being our all illuminating Savior. It also talks about standing up for the children around us and the child within us.

If you have a topic, the discussion will be designed for you.

And for children, “Story Octopus: Writing Helper Extraordinaire.” While using my book of the same name, this topic explains the art of writing in a fun and creative way. It includes pages at the back of the book for the children to start their own creative story.

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