“Unraveled, Time to Tell” A true story, my story.

After my childhood of tragedy and survival following the untimely and mysterious death of my mother, I share the encouragement from God’s Word that helped mend my heart. I write to tell about it with God’s guidance in my autobiography, Unraveled, Time to Tell, under pen name Lisa Lynn. I would love to share my story with you and pray it would encourage you through your story.

This book tells the rest of the story. The murders are now solved. And God’s guidance and understanding have filled me with forgiveness. He wants to fill you too!

I also write a monthly column here which you can see below that tells what I have learned and am still learning from God through His Word, the Bible. I hope to pass on the help and encouragement He has given me. And even when we don’t need help or encouragement, there is someone else that does and you might be the one to share just what they need to hear.

The Bible is our main source for help and encouragement and I use it for reference in all my books, which may be able to assist you in your encouraging. They are located under the menu, in “The Bookstore,” and they include the verses and examples from God’s Word. Or you can send me a message?! That’s in the menu also, under “Contact Me.” Either way, I hope to help and will be praying for you.