Life, and Death

Let’s talk about blessings and praising God. Let’s talk about what that has to do with life, and death. I have had the opportunity to witness the greatest of all blessings in just one week. I have had the blessings of life and death.
We had two granddaughters born three days apart. Two beautiful baby girls were gifted to our family from God. What sweet little blessings they are along with their siblings and cousins! We will forever be grateful to God for these two beautiful girls and all our precious grands.
And then, on the fourth day, I had the blessing of death. If you are wondering how that was a blessing, my daddy had been ready to die for some time. He was no longer able to be his strong self, no longer able to live without an unbroken body, but he was able to know where he was going after this journey of life on earth. He has no more pain, no more suffering, no more wanting to tell us he is there and listening but not being able to, no more screaming inside but not able to be heard. He was ready to enter his next journey of praising God for eternity!
I have the blessing of knowing this. These are all reasons to sing praises to our God and rejoice! These are all blessings only God can bestow on us. And these are all gifts only God can give, the gifts of life, and death. As I get ready to bury my daddy’s body, I will know and rejoice that he is not there. He is with God and I will see him again. How we will be and when this will happen, I do not know but it is still such a reassuring, calming knowledge.
It makes me want to share with everyone and shout from the rooftops (Matthew 10:27) that you, too, can have this calming reassurance. You, like me and my daddy, can have the freedom of joy and praise. You can shout “Hallelujah, thank you, God!” not only for the beautiful, precious blessings of new birth of babies but also for the beautiful, precious blessing of death after that person has a new birth with Jesus!
I will forever remember this week as the week that was so filled with reasons to praise and be thankful, the week I saw the blessings of life, and death.
Amen? Amen!

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