Smells of Wonder

I walk in wonder of the smells from the trees so tall.

I wish I could send them to you as I walk in awe.

The birds are chirping, the wind is calm.

God is there as we’re told in the 139th of Psalm.

I follow the smells down the hill and then I hear it’s sound.

A small but lovely flowing creek just waiting to be found.

And from the top of the hill, the prettiest sight, with flowers, big trees and rocks, until I looked further below.

And the refuse I saw angered my heart and brought sorrow for me to know.

I began to notice, close by, the piling of brush and gravel making a path to clear.

I knew the work was to restore, and the beauty was once again near.

I let the wonder smells guide me home knowing beauty would come again.

I prayed, I thought, how blessed I was, to see this beauty from within.

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