As Earth Evolved, Chapter 2

The Altered Genetic Engineering (AGE) Institute was placed inside a large building built next to the WE Institute. The Professor had an apartment for himself built inside of this Institute, just like the one he had at the WE Institute. At that time, he didn’t know what research he might have to do so he wanted to live close at hand and the building was perfect for this since this was what he considered “his baby” now. Sam was his only helper during this experimental research. And Sam did not know the Professor’s motives. He did not know his ultimate goal. Sam thought they were just furthering their scientific knowledge and understanding of the fields of genetics, molecules and organic structures and the roles all these play in our DNA. He thought they were just seeing if they could better the characteristics of genetically altered babies or even if they could just produce genetically altered babies.

For ten years they experimented with the telomeres in genes. These structures aid in the copying of our DNA when cells divide. They would have to understand telomeres completely since the plan was to restructure the DNA characteristics to take out certain undesirable emotions. Professor Scott thought these structures would help him be able to delve into creating the molecular structure of an embryo before it was born to make the perfect baby, therefore making the perfect human being. Telomeres also help in the aging process of our cells so the Professor thought this restructuring would help keep the people healthier. This was also needed in this new way of life.

The Professor’s idea was to invent a clone machine where he could make babies with set characteristics. Characteristics decided upon by the parents to be and the baby to be before conception and there would be no other conception outside of his machine. The Professor had decided God was in the way. Therefore, God was to be taken out of the picture of having babies. He thought God let the sun fall and the moon fade and mankind get so selfish to the point there seemed to be no love for each other. He felt he did not know God anymore and in his arrogant prideful mind he thought he could do a better job. He called his clone invention, “The Life Machine.”

This machine would take all the guessing out of having children. There would be no surprises. Parents to be would be able to decide what they wanted in their child. The unborn child would be able to decide some options, and then they would all have to agree for conception to begin. The Professor wanted there to be no undesirable emotions like selfishness, pride, arrogance, self-righteousness, greed, and hate.

The new babies would not want for anything but be programmed to wait patiently knowing they would be taken care of by their parents. The Professor had thought of a course for the parents to be to take and they would have to take it to be able to use his machines. This course taught them exactly, perfectly, how to care for their new child that never cried unless they were physically hurt and never wanted for anything. It taught them how to raise a child that was always compliant and was born from the Life Machines. The Professor felt that he had developed his plan completely and thoroughly. It was time to put it into action.

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