For 2020

It’s been a long hard year.

I wish I could cry.

But something inside me,

Makes the tears go dry.

Thank you, Lord, 

For carrying me through.

Within your hands,

You lift me to something new.

At the end of the tunnel, 

I see your light.

I humbly bow,

As it shines so bright! 

Yes, it’s been a hard year,

And it’s left many in the dark.

They need you, Lord!

Put within them your Spirit’s spark.

While here on earth,

I will not be afraid.

I’ll remember every day,

The tomb where my salvation laid.

I will praise you always,

For raising Him up.

To walk among us,

And fulfill His cup.

I thank you, God, 

For Jesus, your son.

And for your forgiving, loving, mercy.

On me and for everyone.

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