What’s in a Dream?

When I was a child, I loved drawing, coloring, and writing, especially poetry. Most children do. I remember the time Mama let me paint a “real” picture on canvas alongside her. It took most of the day. Mine was a vase with a flower and hers was a vase with lots of flowers. My brother came in and, of course, laughed at mine but I knew he was only joking. Then from Mama’s prompting he told me it was good. Those days stopped abruptly. After Mama died, I went to work, literally. My drawing, and coloring, was put aside. I still could write the occasional poem, but paper and pencil weren’t always around anymore.

I also had this ongoing dream while growing up. I always attributed it to my vivid imagination but in my dream, I could fly! It also stopped abruptly after Mama died. I always wanted to fly something, anything. Maybe that’s because I grew up close to NASA. Anyway, in my dream I’d spread my arms wide, lean back, and I was uplifted and flying. The only problem about this dream is I was flying backwards. I even tried a few times on windy days going out and spreading my arms, leaning back to see if I would soar. Never did! After my dream stopped, life went on, but I never forgot.

My husband has this obsession with dreams, “‘Why did God gives us dreams and what do they mean?”’ We have discussed this many times. In the Bible, Jacob has a dream and in Genesis 28:12-16, angels are going up and down a ladder that reaches to the heaven and God is at the top. When he wakes up, he knows the dream was to reassure him that God had been and was still with him. I’ve shared my dream with my husband, and we have discussed if God has a purpose behind dreams like mine.

About a month ago, I suddenly understood my childhood dream. God made it all so clear. My dream wasn’t meant to comfort me as a child, it was meant to comfort me as an adult. You see, at night I now sit and draw and color my children’s books. The poetic words for them and other poems just flow out of me. I almost can’t write fast enough like I’m writing this now. My dream was about my life. My dream of soaring would come true, only backwards. I would do adult things as a child and child things as an adult. It was meant as reassurance for me like Jacobs’ dream reassured him. It was for the reassurance that no matter how things went in my life and no matter what order things happened, I would be uplifted. One day I would just “lift off” and do the things I desire, Psalm 37:4.

God is working in our lives even before we realize it. How do I know? Like the childhood song that I sang so much says, “‘The Bible tells me so.”’ I’m not saying all dreams have significant meaning from God, but many do, and it’s not so much about their meaning but about the reassurance of God’s presence in our lives and it’s one way He shows Himself to us. God knows the plan.

Do you have a dream you’re wondering about?

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