Why Laugh At Me

I never understood why it mattered to anyone what I wore each day to school. I was clean, with my hair brushed and we were kids so why did anyone care if I wore the same thing two to three days a week. Actually, it wasn’t the same clothing article, it was just the same material and pattern.

I was in sixth grade, the first year of Junior High, and my step sister was in fifth. We were at different schools so that helped. I really never thought about what it might look like to others to wear what appeared to be the same thing most of the week and I definitely didn’t think about anyone caring.

I was very fond of these two garage sale clothing pieces. One was a dress and the other was the exact same thing only shorter. So we, my step sister and I, would take turns wearing them in different ways to make them seem different. One day as a dress, another day with a pair of pants, and sometimes as a jumper with a shirt underneath. I thought we were very creative. We had fun figuring out ways to change these two pieces up and I loved the plaid print.

It didn’t take long, though, for the torment I received at school to start. It made school the place I dreaded most and I loved school. I had made the Band and I loved that! What I didn’t love was having to walk onto the campus in the mornings before the school bell rang. That’s where I had to pass the kids waiting to see what I was wearing and waiting to make fun of me. It was the only place I would see them throughout the day.

I took it as long as I could stand. I was pretty prideful no matter what I wore, but on this particular day, it seemed excessively hurtful. Maybe things were excessively hurtful at home making me more sensitive. When they started their mocking and laughing that day, I cried. I cried to the point they started to stop. I guess my crying took the fun out of it for them or maybe it just took them by surprise? A couple of the boys even got a little angry at the girls and told them they shouldn’t ever do it again.

So what made this so fun for them that they would go out of their way to wait for me? It’s easy to make fun of someone you view as less than yourself. But what’s even easier is to let it go. And so much more rewarding. You don’t have to go back and wish you hadn’t done something or acted in a particular way. You don’t have to feel remorseful. And if you think you won’t feel this way, I can assure you, sometime, somewhere, somehow, you will. You may not feel a haunting from your actions, but judgement will be given, by God. And that’s nothing to look forward to and definitely nothing to be thankful for!

I was thankful for these two clothing articles and, like I said, I even loved their plaid print. It’s what we had. Even though I really didn’t understand true thankfulness at eleven years old I am so glad I do now and I can look back and be thankful for what this situation taught me about God’s Word. It also helped me to realize and feel how Jesus must have felt when He was mocked and laughed at, even though the pain and sadness I felt could never begin to compare to the amount of what Jesus felt! Without even knowing, it brought me closer to God and so much more appreciative for Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross for me and you! What memory, thought, or action do you need to turn around and make from a negative to a positive? What can you reinvent to be thankful for?

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Jesus Christ for you.”

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