Simply Supernatural

Have you ever noticed how the trees, the birds, and other creatures just go about day after day doing what they were meant to do? Doing what God made them for? And if you watch the different ways these creatures interact with their world it is amazing, perfectly timed, and appears somewhat mystic. Don’t take my word for it, just watch a line of ants working and carrying a load back and forth to their anthill. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could learn to do day by day what God meant us to do? What He made us for? There is a reason God made us. It’s a very simple reason. And it also can be filled with the supernatural.

We miss out on God’s supernatural power which is at our fingertips! We miss out on the blessings He has for us and the blessing we would be back to Him. Halloween is all about the supernatural. God is all about the supernatural. He is all supernatural!

If we look at Acts 8, we see this whole chapter is eerie, magical, and supernatural. For a little background from Acts 7, we find Saul persecuting Christians because of his religious beliefs, even to the extent of dragging people out of their homes and putting them in prison. Stephen has been stoned to death for sharing his religious beliefs in Christ. It sort of sounds like the beginning of Halloween already!

Then verses 6-8 in Acts 8 has Philip proclaiming Christ to the crowds while unclean spirits were coming out of many of them. Even Simon, the magician, believed, was baptized, and went on with Philip in verses 9-13. Peter and John came, healing and saving the masses, and when Simon saw all this, he wanted this power too. Remember, Simon was a magician but he’s seeing and wanting the true magic. Even though Simon believed he still didn’t understand and he even tried to buy this gift from God the Apostles were demonstrating. Peter told him you can’t buy God’s power with money so Simon then asked for prayer.

You really have to read this chapter for yourself to get the full eerie effect but the event I want to tell most about begins in verse 26. Philip has gone his own way and in doing so meets an Ethiopian eunuch. This eunuch was sitting in his chariot on the side of the road reading and trying to understand the writings of the prophet Isaiah.

The story goes on with Philip explaining Isaiah to him and ends up baptizing him right there in the desert! Did you catch that, they found water for baptizing in the desert? Right at the time the eunuch was wanting to be baptized! And that’s probably the easiest supernatural thing to believe in this chapter! And then verses 38-40 tell us when Phillip finishes baptizing the eunuch, he, Philip, all of a sudden wasn’t there!? Phillip found himself in the town of Azotus, what would be a distance of about three hours away for us now, BY CAR! This is equal to what you Star Trek fans remember as, “Beam me up, Scotty.” Only it wasn’t Scotty doing the beaming.

If we get to know God in a personal way, we too can have His power but we have to trust Him and let His Spirit do what He wants to do through us. We may not be instantaneously transported where we may want to be, but we can have supernatural situations from God and His Holy Spirit! And with Jesus in our heart, it’s all very simple.

Happy Halloween!

One Reply to “Simply Supernatural”

  1. All I have to say is WOW your blog was supernatural and I was not surprised that it was and read every word looking forward to the next sentence…JIm


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