Never Give Up

Growing up on the coast, I’ve always been fascinated by anything nautical. Lately, I’ve seen the Titanic back in the news. The newest reports tell of the Titanic being swallowed up by the ocean floor due to corrosion and decomposition of the ship, after all, it was 1912 when this marvelous, magnificent, ship sank.

One story I love about this ship’s sinking is about one of the few survivors, Colonel Archibald Gracie. After his survival, he tells of the enjoyment the ship offered as well as the incredible feats of heroism of assisting women and children into lifeboats as the ship wrecked and sank in his book, The Truth About The Titanic. He also recounts his story of jumping into the cold water, praying, and receiving the strength to do what he did to survive. But what I love even more about Colonel Gracie’s story is what transpired at his home in New York City. His wife was feeling an unease as never before that same night and couldn’t sleep so she went to open her prayer book and it fell open to the prayer titled “For Those at Sea.” She prayed and then fell asleep being awakened the next morning to the news that the Titanic had sank. God worked a miracle that night in the survival of Colonel Archibald Gracie!

There’s another story about survival from a great storm found in Acts 27. Verses 18-25 tell of Paul on his way to Italy as a prisoner on a ship. They had been on the ship for several days without any relief from the storm but Paul never gave up his faith in God, just like the Gracie’s. Verse 23 tells of Paul explaining to the ship’s captain and crew, who were ready to make Paul “walk the plank,” that an angel of the Lord appeared to him and told him there would be no loss of life through this storm and they would all survive. Paul believed God and what the angel said when he had every reason to fear for his life. He never gave up! Colonel Gracie never gave up!           

Our example here is for us to never give up! We have the same promise from God that He will provide survival through the storm! Whatever our storm is, all we need to do is pray.

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