Twas the Night

          Twas the Night

            The stockings were hung

            By the chimney with care,

            In hopes that the other soon would be there.

            People weren’t thinking sit back and be still,

            And be thankful for the season

            Because the reason is real.

            He spoke not a word,

            But went straight to His work.

            And filled all the hearts,

            With love at His birth.

            And opening His arms for all to come in,

            He grew up as God in the likeness of men.

            He sprang to His ‘cup’ without hesitation or delay.

            Knowing He came to save the world one day!

            And we know He exclaims, as He’s only out of sight,

            “I’m with you always,

            Merry Christmas, and

            Good Night.”

          Thank you Jesus! Happy Birthday!

              Merry Christmas to All!

              Carole “Lisa Lynn” Gilbert

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